Pull Up, an ezia benchmark exercise

Pull Up, an EZIA Benchmark Exercise

A. Start – Hang from a bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width with your palms facing out
B. Action – From a dead hang and minimal lower body action, pull until the chin is above the bar
C. Finish – Return to the hang position and repeat. How many can you do?

*Coaching Cues- Ensure full ROM, NO KIPPING!!!!!

Benefit: Maximum Pull-ups are the classic test for relative upper-body pulling strength. Whether you’re doing sets of 10 or fighting for your first one, there is a great feeling of accomplishment getting your chin over that bar!

Purpose: With poor posture being such a common problem in today’s society, strengthening the pulling muscles of your back is key, constantly retesting your Maximum Pull-ups is a great way to track this progress

Caution: Go modified when necessary (using a band or a foot spot from a friend), avoid excessive kicking during the movement

pull up exercise

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