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Perfect your Paddle with Tips From Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira

Hey Surfers, we have had the Hurley Pro on at EZIA all week. I thought it would be a good time to bring you some paddling tips from Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira.

Paddling is one of the most critical aspects of surfing. It can make or break your session as well as your body. Ineffective paddling means you’ll catch only a fraction of the waves you could be catching. And for those waves you do catch, you will find yourself in less than ideal positioning. Faulty technique can also lead to a variety of shoulder injuries, which will be discussed in future blog posts.
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Surfers spend well over three quarters of their time in the water paddling. For the few seconds you spend actually riding a wave, you’ve spent considerably more paddling to the lineup, paddling against currents, paddling to position, and ultimately paddling for the wave itself.
Paddle tip Maya gabeira
Therefore it’s well worth focusing on what it takes to paddle efficiently and effectively. Efficiently in terms of expending the least amount of energy possible, and effectively in terms of preventing injuries and getting the most out of each paddle stroke.

I reached out to our good friends and world famous big wave surfers Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira to find out what they believe are the keys to an effective and efficient paddle stroke. Ian and Maya paddle into some of the biggest and scariest waves in the world. Therefore, they must have just the right balance of technique and energy expenditure to endure those rigorous paddle sessions.

Paddle tips ian walsh

Paddling tips from Ian Walsh

1.”Keep your arms close to the water as if just skimming the surface so you’re not wasting time swinging them high”.

2.”Make sure you pull hardest at the bottom to lead to the next stroke”.

3.”Reading the wave and using momentum is better than anything you can possible do too”.

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Paddling tips from Maya Gabeira

1. “Try and pull as much water as possible”.

2. “Stick the whole arm in the water”.

3. “Start paddling early so you get momentum”.

paddle tips from ian walsh

There you have it… Take these tips from the world’s best surfers and paddle out! For more Surf Training Exercises, check out our video with Ian Walsh.



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