fox motion elite shoe

Product Review: Fox Motion Elite Shoe

Thanks to and Fox Footwear Marketing Manager Kellen Trachy for the mention in the recent article, Fox moves into performance shoes with the Fox Motion Elite Shoe.

Kellen says, “We actually tested our shoes with the fitness trainers at EZIA, which is a training facility that caters to action sports athletes like Ian Walsh and is located in Carlsbad. The trainers did a series of speed and agility tests with the new Motion Elite shoes and were able to set all sorts of personal records. They proved that our shoes outperformed every other shoe they’d used before.”

Product Review Video: Fox Motion Elite Shoe Testing

Here is the video of Ryan testing out the Fox Motion Elite Shoe here at EZIA Human Performance. Not surprisingly, he personal bests in 3 of our Benchmark Exercises: the Hexagon, Vertical Jump and Pro Agility Drill. The proof is in the pudding! Proper footwear is the foundation to a performing your best in all activities and we found that the Fox Motion Elite Shoe was perfect for the type of training we do at EZIA.

You can buy these shoes at

The Fox Motion Elite Shoe brings aggressive MX-inspired styling to the best in athletic lifestyle footwear. Motocross heritage and performance-driven technology combine to create a visually striking style that performs at the highest levels.

Pro Surfer Ian Walsh doing a surf specific training workout in the Fox footwear.

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