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History & Culture:

The EZIA Cycle Club was founded in 2010 by a group of bicycle racing and active lifestyle enthusiasts who love to go fast. Beginning with just 8 founding members, this North County San Diego Club has grown steadily to include 50+ members today, and a competitive team of 10 top racers.

While the club’s membership numbers have changed, one thing has always remained the same. We are committed to promote and support an active lifestyle through the sport of cycling and “be the leaders we would want to follow in training and racing”.

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With our consistently increasing membership, EZIA is among the fastest growing clubs in Southern California. Member activities encompass the entire range of cycling as a sport, and many of the club’s members enjoy participating in events such as races, triathlons, centuries, and touring.

Some club members are competitive athletes training in cycling or other sports. Other members are involved simply for the camaraderie and a steady form of fitness.

The focus for the weekly training rides is to allow riders at an intermediate to advanced level to engage in the sport, train on various courses, build their fitness, technique, and increase overall knowledge and performance safely, in a supportive environment led by educated experts.

Weekly Training ride schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:30-8am (Swamis fast mixed-terrain ride)
  • Thursday 6:30-8am (Double Peak Hills)
  • Saturday 8am-10:30am (Camp Pendleton LSD ride)


Check out our meet up page for all the latest details on upcoming races and training rides.

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  • EZIA Bike Club membership is only $89 annually
  • The EZIA team bike-kit is $149

  • Access to EZIA Performance Lab and amenities is free of charge during training rides


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FAQ: Bike Club Expectations:

-Team captain, Steve Floyd

“Always wear your EZIA Team kit whenever riding, represent with brand with respect”.

“Safety first, we are a club so we roll together, and please be on time”.

“Please show up two-three times a week for weekly training rides. Saturday is most important ride”

“The more we ride together on training days, the better we will race together. It is important that we learn each others riding styles and become comfortable riding close”.

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The goal of the EZIA Race Team is to win races locally and “be-seen” on the winners podium. To accomplish this EZIA Human Performance is committed to providing our sponsored team racers with world-class athlete support, something that cannot easily be attained anywhere else.

Our interest lies in cultivating a talent pool of the absolute best cycling ATHLETES who are also excellent PEOPLE and brand ambassadors representing EZIA in the community with integrity. Our racers are the kind of people who understand and respect the integrity of cycling as a sport, and a way of life.


If this is you, consider joining our team?
  • EZIA Team Athlete Sponsorship:
    • 1 mandatory lactate test per season
    • Sports Physical with Physical Therapist
    • Initial Performance Assessment with a Performance Coach
    • 1 complimentary physical therapy session
    • 8 ESP workouts a month
    • Full access to EZIA performance lab facilities and amenities
    • 15% off supplements and services
  • 2 Official “EZIA Blue” Team Bike Kits
  • 1 Team Vest
  • 4 pairs of EZIA socks
  • 1 Team Helmet from Rudy Project
  • 1 Pair Team Sunglasses from Rudy Project
  • 15% off at Miguel’s for food


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FAQ: Racing Team Expectations

From Team Captain, Steve Floyd

“All team racers must be Category 4 minimum or lower to qualify for 2014. You will be an equal member of our EZIA 10 man racing team”!

“The EZIA Cycling Team captains will hand select and invite 10 top racers to be sponsored on our elite team each season based on race performance and leadership character”.

“You are required to attend the Monthly Race Schedule. 80% is the minimum to maintain your rank, 100% is always our goal”.

“We race for whoever is strongest that day. In Category 4, we definitely want to protect a race leader and fight for them to win. We will all be strongest at different times of the year and should let that rule race dynamics”.

“Sometimes we cross train as a group utilizing mountain biking, and conditioning workouts in the gym. So be ready to become a part of this elite community, and train yourself like a world class athlete”.

“Be comfortable getting out side your comfort zone and learning new things”.
**EZIA is a recognized club of the United States Cycling Federation (USCF), an association of the national governing body for competitive cycling, USA Cycling. Even though EZIA is based in Southern California, club members often travel throughout the country to enjoy and participate in cycling events.

Results for 2013:

EZIA Teams participated in over 50 races and community charity rides with 25 Podium finishes including:

  • 2 members qualifying for Worlds 70.3 Ironman in Vegas
  • Age group top place Ironman Arizona
  • Overall Cat 5 winner of Tour of Murrieta
  • 3rd Place for 3 members- 5 person co-ed relay Nationally Ranked 24 hours of Old Pueblo
  • 5 podium places including overall for Freedom 50 mile Classic MTB race
  • Socal MTB Series overall- 2nd place
  • Podium place Julian Gran Fondo
  • Top ten place on Giro San Diego KOM challenge on Mt. Palomar, Ca.

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Lactate Testing:

We offer professional lactate testing for athletes.

Lactate threshold is one of the most commonly, and effectively, used performance markers used by many athletes and coaches in the world of competitive sports. Whether you are a cyclist, runner, skier, rower, swimmer, or other type endurance athlete you need accurate physiological data to guide and monitor your training.

lactate testing
Lactate testing is one of the best ways to:

• Determine your anaerobic threshold
• Determine your training zones for your program
• Gauge your improvement from your last training block.


$149. Includes test strips, data and analysis of results, and training zones.
$99. only for follow up tests

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