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EZIA Human Performance labs goes far beyond your typical gym in San Diego. Like most athletic gyms and fitness clubs, we offer classes, personal trainers, weights, treadmills and more. But unlike other places, EZIA Performance Labs is a top-notch high performance training facility housing world-class coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists and more. When you join EZIA, you join a family of experts dedicated to better health and achieving optimal performance in all aspects of life.

If you are an athlete; be it amateur, university, professional or recreational, EZIA has a specialist that can help you achieve your maximum potential through proven effective and scientifically tested exercises, routines, stretches, and goals created not only for that specific sport, but customized for you as well. EZIA’s team of fitness experts have been seen on TV, printed in magazines and quoted by other fitness authorities in the industry. Our nationally recognized physical therapists have helped people of all walks of life recovery from both health issues and physical injuries. If you would like to learn more about EZIA, feel free to give us a call, or drop by!